The Cave "La Grotte des Demoiselles"

The Cave "La Grotte des Demoiselles"

Located less than forty minutes from the Mas de Roux, we suggest you to visit this superb cave located in Saint-Bauzille de Putois, village of the department of Hérault and since very well known thanks to this famous natural cavity.


grotte demoiselles


This tour starts from the Mas de roux in the direction of the Vilage de Quissac and then you have to take the direction Sauve/Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort . You cross Saint-Hippolyte-du-fort in the direction of Ganges and then turn left to reach the village of Saint-Bauzille-de-Pontois. Everything is very well signposted, one goes up to about 260 meters of altitude to reach the entrance of the Cave des Demoiselles.​


So we arrived at this famous cave that we had heard so much about and wanted to visit to get to know it.

This experience will allow us to share it with our guests but also with our family and friends in the region who do not yet know it.

When we took our tickets and went to the starting point; our reflection was all "what a freshness" because in fact we are standing in front of the funicular that will take us to the discovery of this regional monument and there a fresh air descends towards us and it is very pleasant when we go through a period of strong heat like this summer 2019.

Here before us is this funicular, the first underground tourist funicular, built in the early 1930s and which will allow us to discover this natural cavity known all over the world, which has become a must, and explored since the middle of the 18th century.


After less than 3 minutes, you will discover:

  1. an immense natural setting whose time will have sculpted every detail

  2. a place where many explorers will have spent hours discovering these rooms



    a room called the "Cathedral" whose dimensions remain engraved in our memories with its some 52 meters high, 48 meters wide and especially a length of about 120 meters: a gigantic natural place.

  4. many rooms or water will have forged for millions of years natural sculptures in the shape so close to the real.

funiculaire grotte des demoiselles     funiculaire grotte des demoiselles   Vierge à l'enfant



The cave of the Demoiselles is known as Mystérieuse and has, during the last centuries, maintained many tales and legends in the region.


The site is a unique place where the attraction for nature mingles with a Fauna and a Flora that takes full advantage of this exceptional geographical location, the Sport with many possibilities like paragliding, hang gliding or climbing (to know the detailed possibilities it is enough to go to the tourist office) but also an ideal place for lovers of Geology.


Regularly, for the pleasure of visitors and their eyes, in addition to the classic tour, artistic exhibitions are presented throughout your journey.       


Prepare your future visit!


You come to discover the Piedmont Cévenol at Mas de roux, we strongly advise you to prepare your stay upstream.

For this, you can find out about the website of the Grotte des Demoiselles , this will allow you to find all the information useful for the success of this visit of this place in and close to nature and unavoidable in our region.

Open all year, the website is very detailed and allows you to know the different schedules month by month and offers many possibilities of Rates for individuals and groups.

A shop on site will help you find what to do or make small gifts souvenirs.

A Brasserie Bar, with a panoramic terrace overlooking this superb nature, offers you the possibility to take a break for drinks but also with small salty or sweet food according to the times of the day.


We wish you a nice visit to the Cave des Demoiselles.


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