The animal garden of Mialet

The animal garden of Mialet

Located less than 45 minutes from the Mas de Roux, we suggest you to visit this beautiful animal park where exoticism takes all its meaning.

Located in the village of Mialet in the North of Anduze, village of the department of Gard well known for its pottery among others.


itinéraire bragassargues jardin de Mialet


This visit, or rather walk, will attract the curiosity of the little ones as well as the bigger ones because all its spaces are (and continue to be) arranged as time goes by to propose a little trip in the animal world and the Land of the Rising Sun. All this in the first laces of the Cévennes Gardoises.


Here you are, so we can start the walk:


The visit begins with the discovery of many animals and we learn a lot about the breeds and varieties present. We are, here, on a particular site mixing breeding of ornamental animals and farm of discovery.

We begin the visit with the beauty of some macaws, parakeets or ink various varieties of exotic birds. It really gives the impression of being elsewhere while having our cévenols landscapes in the background.


So we continue quietly to go towards a place that the little ones (but also the big ones) will necessarily appreciate: the sheepfold of miniature animals.

And there, it is not only a question of contemplating these very beautiful breeds and varieties (horse, donkey, mules, goats, sheep, cows, zebus, alpacas, pigs but also rabbits, pheasants or dwarf hens etc...) But it’s nice to be invited to go in and walk around in it while caressing them (when they come to see you and they do) but also by learning about these animals.

By remaining calm and not making any sudden gestures, they let themselves be approached and we can see more closely these miniature races. Of course, they are at home and so we can’t approach them all the time but the children appreciate being able to see and touch; and so do we!


visite du jardin animalier deMialet   visite du jardin animalier deMialetvisite du jardin animalier deMialet


All along the route, we distinguish beautiful Japanese gardens bringing even more serenity in our walk and especially contemplation of these works made by the former owner of the place; Mr Patrice Bongrand. A very nice comeback that to have put forward these 7 gardens and especially to have kept them while developing the animal garden part.


While walking in the garden, you will discover:

  1. Tsukiyama (wet mountain garden)
  2. Chaniwa (tea garden)
  3. Kare sansui (dry garden zen)
  4. Garden of the beautiful sleeper (meditation garden)
  5. Tsubo niwa (courtyard garden)
  6. Mont Fuji garden (with his dragon)
  7. Garden of the bridge of mists

Often you will spot places with resting places with benches under the shade of old pine and oak trees.


jardins japonais de Mialet   jardins japonais de Mialetjardins japonais de Mialet   jardins japonais de Mialet




You come to discover the Piedmont Cévenol at Mas de roux, we strongly advise you to prepare your stay upstream by going to the website of the jardin animalier de Mialet which will allow you to find all the information useful to the success of this visit in nature and atypical in our region.


For opening periods, please refer to the information provided on the website as well as the prices.


On site, according to the current sanitary conditions, a shop is available.


Every year, the breeding gives rise to births in the animal garden of Mialet; do not hesitate to contact them because regularly the babies are put on sale.


We wish you a beautiful visit to the animal garden of Mialet in this exotic universe in the Cevennes.


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