Pierre et Eau : Caving!

Pierre et Eau : Caving!

Try a caving trip!


A dive into the underground world as diverse as it is amazing. From the family initiation to the great sporting and vertical race, there is something for everyone underground.

Pierre&Eau is a group of three qualified instructors offering outdoor sports activities between Nîmes and Montpellier and on the heights of the Cévennes. Passionate and knowledgeable about the caves of the Hérault and the Gard, they will be able to offer you sporting outings adapted to your level and your desires.


But what is caving?


This is an exploration of the underground environment! You will discover the limestone subsoil and its numerous caves, grottos, chasms, abysses, vents and other incredible names! Some caves are very large, others rather small, it's your choice! The way of progression is also very varied with walking, crawling, climbing (always very easy!) and even swimming if you try to go out in an underground river.


Prejudices are hard to break!


We are sure that there are people among you who have prejudices or fears associated with caving! Here are some initial responses:
Caving is not about crawling through small muddy ducts!
No bats will suck your blood!
You won't end up drowning when the water suddenly rises!
It is impossible to get stuck in a narrow passage!
Claustrophobia (the real thing) only affects 5% of the population. Being worried about discovering the underground world is quite legitimate, the unknown is always scary. Good news, your instructor is passionate and not in a hurry! He will take the time to make you feel confident and maybe even give you the virus of exploration!
What else? You have found an original and unlisted fear? Call them quickly to discuss it! :)


Caving for all!


Pierre et Eau Spéléo


Outings in the Cévennes to learn, alone or with the family: it's great, isn't it?


Discover the pleasures of caving by exploring a cave that requires a reasonable physical and technical level and whose difficulties can be easily overcome. These trips will give you an insight into the wonders of the underground and are perfect for a first experience with family, friends or children. If your children are under 6 years old but are very motivated, call Pierre&Eau's instructors to see what is possible.


More sporting adventures just a stone's throw from Montpellier.


If you are already an experienced caving enthusiast, or if you are an intrepid and sporty adventurer, they will offer you suitable outings to discover new and amazing routes. These trips offer a more varied progression with techniques such as abseiling, and even rope ascents for routes that require a return trip. Enjoy a unique adventure in fascinating environments and push your limits.


The most beautiful caving trips in the Gard and the Hérault!


Explore the most beautiful and intense caving routes in the region with an experienced guide. The routes are carefully selected to offer you a true exploration adventure that will take you into a captivating parallel universe. Most of these routes require physical and technical training, and the instructors will help you choose the route that best suits your level. Do not hesitate to contact them directly to organise your next caving adventure.


Caving course in the Cévennes.


Pierre&Eau offers a variety of caving courses in the Hérault which take place over one or more days of exploration. Whatever your level, they offer outings adapted to your desires, whether you want to learn about caving, improve your technical skills in cave equipment or simply discover the most beautiful classics of the Hérault and Gard regions. They organise the routes according to your own progress, so that you can make the most of your new life as a caver!


The closest explorations to the Mas de Roux


The Mas de Roux is ideally situated for a caving adventure in the Hérault without driving too far:


  • The Roquette cave, located only 20 minutes away (between St Hippolyte du fort and Durfort). This is THE outing that will satisfy everyone (from the pitchoun, to the grandparents, to the sporty ones, your instructor will know how to personalise the exploration so that everyone has their own discovery account! By entering the Volpellière cave, you will explore a course of several hundred metres to come back to the surface through the porch of La Roquette. The return from the outing is a fifteen minute hike on the cycle track linking Sauve to Ganges. 

  • The cave of Bégué Ponchon and its famous wet vault is a 25 minute drive from Mas de Roux. The discovery of this network is an adventure which allows the discovery of all the techniques of speleology: abseiling, progression on handrails, rope ascents and aquatic crossings. All this in a spectacular environment, where the galleries are adorned with sublime concretions. If you are lucky enough to visit this network at a suitable time, you can even explore the siphons and extend your discovery even further!

  • If you like water, the underground river of Lauret is less than 30 minutes away. Ideal to spend a day in the cool of the summer and discover the sources of the water by going up the most spectacular underground river of the Hérault!

​And many more a little further afield!



Pierre et Eau Spéléo     Pierre et Eau Spéléo


How to book your caving trip?


Pierre&Eau is open all year round, so don't forget that underground the temperature is the same, summer or winter! For an outing with a caving instructor, it is essential to book in advance by calling them on +33 6 77 85 17 44 or via their website https://pierreeteau.fr  on the pages of the caving trips in the Hérault and the Gard but also on their Facebook page >>> Pierre et Eau


We wish you a wonderful discovery of our territory's underground!


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