Rosine BLACHAS : 

"Colours and Linen"

Praise to the Everyday Life. 


In her oil paintings on linen canvas, Rosine BLACHAS honors the common objects of life. Simple and refined, her paintings shed new light on the everyday tools : linen, cutlery, crockery ... are delicatly and gracefully highlighted. 


Join her world, and lovingly revel in the warmth of your familiar objects and nostalgia of the past households.




An exhibition to be discovered until March 2012 

 in the restaurant of Mas de Roux.
Opening party : Thursday, 26 January 2012 to 6:00 p.m.
at Restaurant Le Mas de Roux BRAGASSARGUES.
Extend the evening with a diner (reservation needed).
Discover our menu, specially prepared to enjoy the warmth of tradition.
See the complete works of Rosine BLACHAS on : rosineblachas.canalblog.com








Under Construction.

Nothing to Display... Yet ! 







The Mas de Roux is pleased to host

from December, 26th to January, 1st

the First Music Workshop organised by the Desert Blues Club !!!


Uwe Derler and Roch Dumas, long-time friends and music partners, decided to combine their art and passion with a dozen teenagers and adults from all over the world.


One week to let the creation genius run free through our old stones...


...and eventually charm our ears with their Saint-Sylvester concert ! 



Blues mingled with Folk sparkles, rich from its international roots, sometimes melancholic, always catchy, their music is as boundless as their imaginations.


Come and let yourself be carried away in their whirling energy !







Cristobal Mateo :

Thrilling Colours



Beyond the influence of impressionist Monet, Cristobal MATEO let us see his own touch in his powerfully colourful landscapes. The brush stroke is acute and skillful, the colours shine intensely. His themes revolve around the delicacy of flowers in the Provencal heat, poppies arrangements, fields of olive and almond trees, vineyards and villages...



"I, Cristobal Mateo says, aim at sparkle an emotion through colour, through the atmosphere emanating from a landscape or a floral arrangement".



Discover his exhibition until 24th Janury 2012 in the main Dining Room of the Mas de Roux.


Opening party : Thursday 10 November 2011, 6:00 p.m.

at the Restaurant Le Mas de Roux à BRAGASSARGUES.



Don't forget to book your diner to further enjoy the work of this exceptional artist.



Cristobal Mateo's work is available on his blog : ateliermateo.blogspot.com

Cultural / Regional Event

Nothing to Display... Yet !

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