Interactive Map Restaurant du Gard with Takeaway Service

Interactive Map Restaurant du Gard with Takeaway Service

The Restaurant Interactive Map offers a take-away service in the Gard department.

Since the confinement related to the health problem that we know about with COVID-19, we have implemented several actions to create links and solidarity between all.
Our village of Bragassargues having no food trade, apart from Le Mas de Roux for one-off group catering services, we organized a system of food order grouping with local producers and artisans.
The success was not long in coming and we were thus able to establish and maintain many contacts with people from the village but also from its surroundings.

Then why the creation of this card?

The idea came from a discussion with a villager who runs a large association in the department of Gard whose members are English-speaking.
And there, she tells us about the difficulties they encounter in finding on the internet information gathering restaurants offering a take-away service.
Indeed, to sum up, "they are potential customers because it is in their nature and, with such a long confinement, the kitchen at home is going well but if they could enjoy meals prepared once in a while then it would be great!"

And that’s how the adventure of the interactive map of the Gard department began; a free tool for everyone.


carte interactive restaurant du gard à emporter


How does it work?


The same evening of the discussion, after a quick search because we noticed that it existed, we found how to synthesize and control this map but also communicate easily on its design.

We chose the Google Mymaps function because it is linked to our account and above all it offers very good maps very precise for a project like this one.

Once the basic formalities have been completed, we obtain a secure google link that has been configured so that only we have access to it; visitors have access to a version of their own.

The search bar allows us to quickly locate the desired establishment, add it to the map, create a separate button and you can even add additional information: there we chose to offer the institutions' facebook pages.

The card, once the items are registered, automatically updates and the establishments appear as we update them.

The most for us, this tells us the number of visitors on this map!!


An interesting statistic to quickly find out whether it has a real impact and generates significant interest or not. And what can be said after 7 days (period from 16 to 23 April 2020) is that there is a real need because we have identified around 80 establishments and the total number of visits is on an average of 200 per day.


How to make it visible?


The social network is appropriate, at first, because many use it to communicate locally by creating pages and groups but also by their personal profiles.


We chose Facebook because it is the first in France in number of members and the confinement accentuated this statistic:


  1. At first, a publication on our group Destination Piedmont Cévenol with a survey to find out the opinion of the members on this project and the "yes" crowds we wish to see this map online.  so we start the project online.
  2. In a second phase, searches on the social network with adapted keywords allowing to quickly find the institutions that started to implement this service: new for many of them. Then, integrate them into the map and send them a message about the action taken and ask them to disseminate to their contacts (social networks, emailing, word of mouth etc...).
  3. And to continue, create a visual to draw attention to the project, continue the publications regularly (and especially on our page Le Mas de Roux ), use its local personal network to the maximum, contact the local media of the approach. In short, make this project live to the fullest.

Now that you know a little more about the construction of the project, we propose you to visit it below

Who is this card for?

The interest of the project is on several aspects:


  • Make visible the restorers poposant this service Take away
  • Facilitate research for potential clients around their home
  • It is local because it concerns only the establishments of the Department of Gard

You are professional, we offer you this free SEO and to do nothing more simple: an email on with the name of your establishment, its physical address and that of your facebook page if you have one. It’s simple, fast and efficient.

You are future customers of the Takeaway Restaurant service, there is no registration and access is free and free on this card.


The only thing we can ask you, to encourage us and allow us to also develop our digital communication, is to either:

Follow us on our Facebook page here Le Mas de Roux 
Google reviews of Le Mas de Roux - Bragassargues on your right
Join our facebook group Destination Piedmont Cévenol which aims to promote our territory

We hope you will enjoy this article and the implementation of this interactive tool for all aimed at promoting locally our restorers.


See you soon


Adeline and Jean-Pierre