Vélorail des Cévennes

Vélorail des Cévennes

Enjoy nature as you pedal!


We'd like to tell you about this leisure activity that combines sport, nature and discovery when you come and meet us in the Piémont Cévenol.


This walk starts by car from the Mas de Roux and heads towards the village of Anduze, famous for its pottery, its typical, lively village and its park, but also for its proximity to the village of Générargues, where you can also visit the Bamboo Grove.


Then head towards the village of Thoiras and park in the car park opposite the old railway station.

After 30 minutes, you'll have arrived in our beautiful countryside, lined with hills, vineyards and fields with very different crops from one season to the next.


You've arrived at the Rendez-vous to discover the Vélorail des Cévennes!



In simple terms, it's a bike that runs on railway tracks. And here, it's on the Cevennes Steam Train.

Velorails have 2 pedal-powered seats with braking systems at the front, and 3 seats at the back.

A minimum of one adult is needed to propel the velorail, which can accommodate a total of 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 children.

All have a sun protection cover.


3 routes are available!




The length of the route is ideal for a family outdoor activity such as this, as the 6.2-kilometre round trip takes 1 hour 30 minutes.

Departures are from Thoiras station: 2 departures in low season at 10.55am and 2.25pm, and 4 departures in high season at 8.55am / 10.55am / 1.55pm and 3.55pm.




Open at 2.25pm (off-season) and 5.55pm (July/August) on certain afternoons of the year (see our calendar).

Pedal from viaduct to viaduct for a sporty ride lasting around 2 hours and cover the Cévennes countryside over a distance of 10km200.




On the 10km200 route, you will embark at 7pm from Thoiras station to discover the route in the early evening. A picnic stop in an unusual location (which you will have brought with you) and a friendly drink will be offered during this stop.






Come and discover the Piémont Cévenol at the Mas de roux, we strongly advise you to prepare your trip in advance by visiting the Vélorail des Cévennes which will give you all the information you need to make a success of this unusual activity in our region. RESERVATION is compulsory!


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